Homogeneous Multi-Bandpass Filters

An optical Multi-Bandpass Filter is a spectrally selective transparent component capable of transmitting two or more distinct bands of wavelengths of light while blocking others.

The filter is fully customisable in terms of centre wavelengths and bandwidths, enabling applications in a broad range of practical technologies including fluorescence spectroscopy, microscopy, flow cytometry and many other applications. Homogeneous Multiple Band Pass filters has the same optical filter function across the complete clear aperture, whereas Continuously Variable Filters offer a filter function that varies along one dimension of the filter.

Delta Optical Thin Film are pioneers and innovators in the design and manufacture of robust optical thin film components for a broad range of volume applications. We have designed and manufactured optical interference bandpass filters since the early 1970’ties.

Most of our products are custom designed filters and the examples we show on this webpage are just for inspiration. We often find benefits for our customers in a custom designed solution. Delta Optical Thin Film is focusing mainly on bandpass filters with passbands in the range from 300 nm to 1200 nm.

Choose from a range of existing multi-bandpass filters

Delta Optical Thin Film manufactures Multi-Bandpass Filters using either Plasma Assisted Evaporation Technology or Magnetron Sputtering Technology, depending on our customers’ requirements. On this web site you can find examples of Multi-Bandpass Filters we have already manufacured.

All data sheets show actual measurements with typical transmission curves for unpolarized light and an AOI=0°.

As we often can optimise design and manufacturing methods to the individual application, please get in touch to discuss how we can best help facilitating your application.

If you cannot find the Multi-Bandpass Filter you need among our standard products, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements. When specifying your filter, our technical note on specifying optical filters will help you avoid the main cost drivers in filter design.

Product specifications

Center wavelengths (nm)FWHMs (nm)Tpeak (%)Product numberMax size Data sheet
338, 54849, 5785LF10469360 mm x 25 mm x1 mmDownload_15px
338, 57049, 1480LF10469260 mm x 25 mm x 1mmDownload_15px
405, 46020, 2075LF104706Download_15px
500.7,. 656.287, 790LF104691Round diameter 50 mm x 1 mmDownload_15px
425, 527, LP61545, 5585LF104707Round diamater 25 mm x 2 mmDownload_15px
582, LP65410395LF10470840 mm x 40 mm x 2 mmDownload_15px
470, 568, 64033, 25, 1990LF10469680 mm x 55 mm x 1.1 mmDownload_15px
424, 513, 591, 70921, 21, 16, 6995LF10483980 mm x 55 mm x 2 mmDownload_15px

Applications of Multi-Bandpass Filters

Multi-bandpass filters are well suited for fluorescence spectroscopy instruments that need to work with multiple excitation wavelengths and/or multiple emission wavelengths. In this way very versatile and compact instruments can be made that enables analyses of multiple biological materials with the same instrument.

Read more about Multi-Bandpass Filters for fluorescence

Another typical use of Multi-bandpass filters is in astronomy where the filters are used to filter out very specific atomic lines from deep sky objects

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