Polarising Beamsplitters on a flat

An optical thin film based Polarising Beamsplitter transmits one polarisation (typically P-pol) and reflects the other polarisation (typically S-pol) within a certain wavelength range. The Polarisation Beamplitter is typically used in AOI = 45°. This special thin film component can be designed at other AOIs.

Below we show typical data for a couple of manufactured Polarising Beamsplitters. The data sheets show typical transmission curves for s- and p-polarised light and an AOI=45°. If you need further information please, contact us. We can also develop your custom specific Beamsplitter.

Product specifications

NameT > 90% for P polarized ligth (nm)T < 1% for S polarized ligth (nm)Product numberMax size Data sheet
PBS 660/40640 - 860 380 - 415LF10175026 mm x 36 mm x 1 mmDownload_15px
PBS 670/40650 - 690650 - 990LF10174926 mm x 36 mm x 1 mmDownload_15px

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