Why Delta?

Coating technology for reliable volume production

We have a long history of supplying Optical Dielectric Filters with high and consistent quality for mass volume OEM applications.

Using our proprietary design software, we are able to customize advanced, yet manufacturable, Optical Filters to your specific needs. We manufacture the hard-coated filters on single substrates using state-of-the-art deposition equipment and our in-house developed control software. Special mechanical masks for deposition control are also developed in-house based on our long experience.

At Delta Optical Thin Film we do not rely on readily available software and hardware to achieve our goals. Through the years we have developed and optimised our filter design software, software to design tooling for our coating chambers – especially for our unique Linear Variable Filters – and our deposition control software to control our coating chambers. Furthermore, we have developed software to simulate the performance of the designed filters before they are produced, taking into account typical production tolerances. 

We use SYRUSPro coating chambers from Bühler Leybold Optics equipped with their APS ion source and our own optical monitoring systems to produce custom optical filters. With the relocation into our new facilities, we also deployed Bühler Leybold Optics’ Helios 800 magnetron sputtering technology. This allows us to economically produce the most demanding filter types such as multi-bandpass and notch filters. 

To our knowledge we are the only company given access to the coating chambers’ internal control software. This unique combination of world-leading coating equipment with our own deposition control software enable the production of filters that continuously set new standards in the marketplace – all this combined with decades of experience to your benefit. 

The right filter in the right quality at the right price

At Delta Optical Thin Film our optical designers work closely with your development team to achieve your goals. Our coating designs are matched to your requirements for optimal manufacturing tolerances and steady deliveries at a competitive price level.

Often, optical designers tend to over-specify optical filters driving up costs. By being involved in your project, Delta Optical Thin Film can shine a light on the cost drivers in optical filters, enabling you to achieve your cost goal without sacrificing system performance.

Our optical design team has more than 75 years of collective optical design experience at Ph.D. level – so get in touch for a discussion about enabling your new product idea. 

Sustainability in every step we take

Manufacturing Optical Filters is a vacuum chamber process requiring large amounts of electrical energy. Our 1000 m2 solar panels on the roof of our factory offer a healthy contribution of renewable energy. All other electricity consumed is delivered directly from Danish wind turbine parks, reducing our energy-related carbon footprint to a minimum.

Cleaning glass prior to coating is essential for obtaining maximum transmission and minimum stray in the coated layers. At Delta Optical Thin Film the cleaning is done in a modern ultrasonic washing process based on chemistry that complies with the most stringent Environmental standards. After use, the detergents can be submitted to the sewer without any prior conditioning. We do not use IPA or any other chemicals that are harmful to our employees or the surrounding environment. 

All our products and processes are compliant with EU REACH, RoHS and Persistent Organic Pollution directives without any exemptions. We use Tantalum as a coating material and certify that this material is not sourced from a Conflict Material smelter. 

Our packing materials are 100% recycled carton boxes and for our large volume OEM Customers, we offer to take back packing material for reuse. 

If you have further ideas for how we can further increase our sustainability, we would love to hear from you. 

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