Homogeneous Beamsplitters

At Delta Optical Thin Film, we design and manufacture several types of Beamsplitters as multilayer interference coatings:

Customized OEM Beam splitters from Delta Optical Thin Film are designed and manufactured to adhere to any customer requirement or specification for use in the customer’s particular application. This has become increasingly important as the market for advanced imaging or diagnostic technologies incorporating optical beam splitters is growing.

When designing the customised OEM beam splitter, optical parameters such as the angle of incidence, full cone angle and polarisation state are taken into account for a specific beam splitter. Once these parameters are known, mechanical aspects such as width, height and thickness are then specified, including the substrate material, surface quality and clear aperture. Most of our beam splitters can be foreseen with a stress compensation layer to obtain optimal flatness.

If you cannot find the Beamsplitter you need among our standard products, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements. When specifying your beam splitter, our technical note on specifying optical filters will help you avoid the main cost drivers in filter design.

Product categories

For an easy overview, we have divided our Homogeneous Beamsplitters into a number of sub-categories.

If you did not find what you need, please get in touch – all our products are customizable for your needs.

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