Custom designed Optical Thin Film components optimised for your volume applications.

We are the optical filter company

Since the 1970’s Delta Optical Thin Film has provided specialized, custom designs and the manufacturing of high performance custom optical filters for discerning OEM customers. We offer both Homegenuos Bandpass, Edge and Blocking Filters and Beam splitters as well as Continuously Variable Filters. With our unique and advanced design software and our proprietary deposition control software, we meet or exceed our customers’ requirements, and ensure a fast and efficient design process

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Continuously Variable Filters

A Continuously Variable Filter (CVF) – also known as a Linear Variable Filter – is a wedged filter, whose spectral properties vary continuously along one dimension of the filter.

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Optical filters forPoint of Care Applications

We design and manufacture filter components for compact Point of Care instruments. High volume OEM supply of cost efficient filters for your POC fluorometer application.

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Custom Optical Filtersfor volume applications

Using our proprietary design software, we are able to customize advanced, yet manufacturable, Optical Filters to your specific needs. We manufacture the hard-coated filters on single substrates using state-of-the-art deposition equipment and our in-house developed control software. Get in touch to see how we can assist your project.

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“I speak a hand-full of languages to varying extends – but proficiency in the "language of physics" is even more required in my communication with customers and suppliers around the world."

- Thomas Nørskov Stoustrup, Development Engineer

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