Continuously Variable Filter Sets

Many great applications have been enabled by combing several of our filters. Below you will find examples of filter sets specifically for:

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Tunable Bandpass Filter Sets

By combining our Continuously Variable Long Wave Pass filters (CVLWPs) with our Continuously Variable Short Wave Pass filters (CVSWPs) it is possible to create a tunable Bandpass Filter where both the bandwidth and centre wavelength are tunable.

The tunable filter works by sliding the two filters parallel to the long edge of the filter substrates.’

When the two filters are slided relative to each other the bandpass is tuned and when the two filters are slided equal distance to the right or left the center wavelength is tuned.

Function of combining variable edge filters with blocking filters

If extended blocking in the out-of-band regions of the tunable bandpas filter is needed we offer sets of Blocking filters that can be slided in or out.

In the table below you can find examples of filter sets that can be used together to create tunable bandpass filters. Please, note that the filter bandwidth depends on the beam spot size. The data listed in the data sheets are all recorded for a beam size of 0.2 mm. Note also, that the bandwidth scales with wavelength.

Product specifications

Centre wavelength tuning range (nm)Minimum bandwidth (nm)Maximum bandwidth (nm)Out-of-band blocking (SW)Out-of-band blocking (LW)Max size Data sheets
659 - 88613 - 1894 - 119OD4OD482.4 mm x 26.5 mm x 0.9 mmDownload_15px
415 - 6458 - 1370 - 156OD4OD482.4 mm x 28.5 mm x 0.9 mmDownload_15px
380 - 8008 - 1679 - 120OD4OD488 mm x 11 mm x 2 mmDownload_15px
389 - 9901075OD4OD4110 mm x 17 mm x 2 mmDownload_15px
324 - 8416.4 - 1720 - 100OD2.7OD460 mm x 15 mm x 3 mmDownload_15px

Tunable filters for EPI-fluorescence

For EPI-Fluorescence applications, our Variable Edge Filters are often combined with a Continuously Variable Dichroic. If an extended blocking range is required, this can be achieved by inserting Homogeneous Blocking Filters in the light path at certain wavelengths.

Below you can find examples of filter sets well suited for tunable EPI-fluorenscence. The filter set contain either  Exponentially Variable Dichroic (EV Dichroic) or Linear Variable Dichroic (LV Dichroic) as well as CVLWP + CVSWP tunable bandpass sets.

Product specifications - EPI-fluorescence filter set

Dichroic wavelength range (nm)Center wavelength tuning range (nm)Minimum bandwidth (nm)Maximum bandwidth (nm)Out-of-band blockingMax size Data sheets
360 - 860380 - 8008 - 1679 - 120OD5.4110 mm x 17 mm x 2 Download_15px
320 - 760324 - 8416.4 - 1720 - 100OD5.460 mm x 23 mm x 1 mmDownload_15px

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