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Continuous Variable Order Sorting Filters

Many great applications have been enabled by combing several of our CVF’s or by combining our CVF’s with homogeneous blocking filters.

Most often, our CVLWP’s are combined with our CVSWP’s to create a tunable bandpass filter where the bandwidth is also tunable.

For EPI-fluorescence applications, these variable bandpass filters are often combined with a Continuous Variable Dichroic. If an extended blocking range is required, this can be achieved by inserting homogeneous blocking filters in the light path at certain wavelengths.

Product specifications (placeholder tabel, den rigtige tilføjes senere)

NameEdge/center (nm)TransmissionProduct numberMax size Data sheet
EV Dichroic360 - 860T > 90%LF104556110mm x 17mm x 2mmDownload_15px
LV Dichroic320 - 760T > 90%LF10222760 mm x 23 mm x 1 mmDownload_15px

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