We will be joining the BIOS Expo and Photonics West 2024 exhibitions from January 27th to February 1st.

This is the largets photonics event in North America and it is a great opportunity to become updated on the latest trends in optical thin film filters

We are experts in optical thin film filters and have designed and manufactured those for more than 5 decades.

We constantly challenge the technology and develop new optical filters that efficiently solve advanced requirements in close dialogue with our OEM customers.

At the BiOS and Photonics West exhibitions in the Moscone Center in San Francisco you have the chance to discuss your optical filtering needs directly with our experts.

Make sure to swing by our booth:

BiOS: January 27 and 28th, Booth 8552

Photonics West: January 30th to February 1st, Booth 3552

We are dedicated to build strong OEM partnerships, believing that working together can lead to more efficient, cost-effective solutions. So, let’s have a talk about this.

Explore Our Advanced Multi Bandpass Filters

Multi-bandpass filters are well suited for fluorescence spectroscopy instruments that need to work with multiple excitation wavelengths and/or multiple emission wavelengths.

We manufacture double, triple, and quad bandpass filters with high pass-band transmission and deep out-of-band blocking.

In combination with a range of LEDs, these filters are ideal for building fast and complex optical systems with no moving parts.

Read more about our Multi Bandpass filters here.

The right Notch Filter for your needs

Notch Filters are designed to selectively block specific wavelengths while maintaining high transmission of other spectral regions.

Our notch filters are fully customisable in terms of centre wavelength and bandwidth, enabling applications in a broad range of practical technologies including Raman spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, microscopy and many other applications.

Contact us to initiate a discussion where we together can find the perfect solution for your precise optical filtering requirements.

Read more about our Notch Filters

Endless possibilities with Variable Filters

Continuously Variable Filters (CVFs) – also known as Linear Variable Filters – from Delta Optical Thin Film is wedged filters, whose spectral properties vary continuously along one dimension of the filter.

A single CVF for example can replace a large number of fixed filters or a grating based monochromator in an instrument. It is possible to adjust the center or edge wavelength by sliding the filter or rotating it.

CVFs are also ideally suited for order sorting in diode-array-based spectrometers.

Read more about our Variable Filters here

We hope to see you at Photonics West