We will be joining the Optatec 2024 exhibition 14 to 16 May 2024 in Frankfurt

As always we will demonstrate various types of our filters and we hope that you will visit us at booth 426 in hall 3.1, to have a talk about your application.

Optical filters for Point of Care Applications

Did you know that we successfully help numerous Point of Care manufacturers with advanced optical filters?

Point of Care instruments based on fluorescence detection typically require high performance compact optical filters that can be manufactures cost-effectively in large quantities.

We specialize in all types of filters for fluorometers for Point of Care applications and are using the latest magnetron sputtering technology. Filters can be diced to the small size. hereby, we ensure a cost efficient, high-volume production of durable hard coating filters.

Read more about our filters for Point-of-Care.

Order sorting filters for fixed grating mini-spectrometers

Talk to our experts at our booth at Optatatec to learn why our Continuously Variable Order Sorting Filters stand out as the preferred choice among prominent spectrometer suppliers.

There are many types of optical filters used for order sorting in grating-based spectrometers. However, continuously varibale filters are often the optimum choice due to the countinuosly varying filter edge and minimal edge artifacts.

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Multi-Bandpass Filters for fluorescence microscopy

The combination of “any-color” LEDs and Multi-Bandpass Filters enable compact and very versatile fluorescence instruments to be built.

Such instruments can for instance be used to analyse complex reactions in real time involving multiple fluorophores.

Our Multi-bandpass Filters enable simultaneous transmission of multiple bandwidths with high precision and minimal cross-talk.

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We hope to see you on Optatec